VFX Awareness

VFX Protest.

VFX Protest.

Today whilst checking up on my Facebook I saw one person insert this picture as their Display Picture. (yes the green square) Interested I decided to click and see what she had commented on it, why she had used a green square for a Display Picture. That is when it came to me of what I had heard and read over the view days, on the problems that are currently going with in the Visual Effects (VFX) profession. It was only with in a few hours after that when I started to see more. It was moving in the slightest to see as people uploaded these blank green squares on Facebook to raise awareness over the loss of jobs and the belittling of people working in the VFX industry as it is so close to a profession I want to go into. I read up more on this and found this Blog which uses WordPress as well to raise and protest in awareness. TAKE A LOOK ITS WORTH THE TIME!!


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